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Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®) is a groundbreaking form of psychotherapy that uses attachment based interpersonal processes whose outcomes are amplified by precise visual brain stimulation. It can relieve emotional distress within seconds, physical pain in minutes, and produce states of extreme wellbeing. Since trauma, addiction, and other conditions primarily involve parts of the brain that operate in non-declarative memory which is not conscious, verbal, conscious processes alone are unlikely to access and change them. By using precise visual brain stimulation during distress activation, the parts of the brain responsible for unwanted conditions can be targeted and changed rapidly which results in symptom reduction. The principle of memory reconsolidation is used to produce long-term change of these conditions.

ETT® can be applied to a wide range of conditions. By changing key parts of the brain's functions, brain chemistry is affected as well. One ETT® procedure can detect unobservable dissociation within seconds, which can make it possible to re-engage the client with their own emotion that leads to rapid mindful change. Another ETT® procedure uses an advanced, innovative form of eye movement that produces rapid resolution of trauma, somatic symptoms, anxiety, and more. Still other ETT® procedures produce total elimination of unwanted disturbance, long-term, within minutes. Hundreds of clinicians are trained and certified in the use of ETT® and training in ETT® is available to licensed mental health professionals.

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