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Life can be difficult, but you don't have to walk your path alone. Nakia Alford-Sunday is a Licensed Professional Counselor ready to help you reach your full potential as you become even healthier mentally. Using research-based techniques and strategies to address concerns, Nakia works to help you manage and rectify issues. Her greatest gratification is to assist others in excelling and reaching life goals and becoming mentally healthy. She is ready to help you walk on your journey and mental health success with this in mind.



Healing through talk therapy, activities and research based techniques.

Boy Coloring
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Children often struggle to share what is bothering them because they can not find words. Through therapy using play and activity, understanding can occur. Once adults in their world know their needs, I can help the family and child find easier paths towards healing.


Many children and adolescents are dealing with special needs and it keeps them from knowing how to express themselves emotionally. By learning about their differences and role play, the educational and emotional gaps can be improved. I have a heart for them and work to help them feel success.


As an African-American therapist during the times we are experiencing, I can relate to the struggles faced by people of color. I can help clients stay true to themselves and process hurt and anger about the climate around them. Pain must be acknowledged
before healing can happen.

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